Fuchs B25 / B26 HF Radio
Thomson TRC-300 ( French )

The SO-25 Radio with B-26 Power Supply module and TVA-26 SWR meter and 50 ohm antenna output module.


AIE-25 Automatic Antenna Tuner module.


This is a picture of the amp and ATU, the B25
is not docked in the amp as it was in the Landover at the time.



Specifications ( unconfirmed, but reported as experienced )


Specifications from the manual: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Instructions page scanned and sent in by Mike Hanslow ZS1RMS ( 350kb )
Layout page scanned and sent in by Mike Hanslow ZS1RMS

Voltage Requirement: 12 Volts to 24 Volts. ( 15 Volts optimal. )
Current Requirement: 0.45 amps in RX, 3 Amps in TX Low Power and 4 Amps in TX High Power
RF output power: 25 Watts High. 10 to 15 Watts Low.
Frequency coverage: 0 to 29.999 MHz in 1 kHz steps
Modes: CW, AM, USB, LSB

Did you know...

Do you know how the SADF classified their radios? As a general rule this is how it worked.

A = TX power less than 1 watt
B = TX power less than 10 watts
C = TX power less than 100 watts
The last number if it is “low” indicates a HF set. A “higher” number for VHF.

Thanks to Mike ZS1RMS for this.

A B25 by any other name... ; )

Thanks to Gordon Reid ZS6RE who found these two sites about the B25 as built in other countries:

The TRC300 is a 20watt SSB synthesized transceiver, and is part of a "family" of portable units developed solely for military use. The lightweight, waterproof set is enclosed in a sturdy aluminium alloy case, and provides short and medium range HF communications facilities under the most severe operational conditions. It can be used by unskilled personnel, and compatability with amplitude modulated networks is achieved at the turn of a switch.
Read more here...

A rather nice,compact transceiver,of French manufacture.It was taken as a trophy of war by a British soldier, who took part in the Falklands War,between Britain and Argentina. Read more here...http://freespace.virgin.net/mark.roper/trc_300.htm 

Can you help?

I'd love to get more accurate specifications as well as stories and reviews of this particular radio and its peripherals. If you have information, diagrams, mods or photos of other peripheral items for the B25, please contact me at zs2cli@qwest.co.za