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Extract from an old club newsletter. Thanks to Late Tiny ZS2GN for finding this page in his archives.


The following information of a first Annual General Meeting of the East London and District Amateur Radio Society was kindly supplied by OM Eddie Havernick ZS1DH of Pine lands Cape, a foundation member of the above Society.

One wonders if there are other Branches with such a long history of existence? If there are, we would certainly like to hear from you. It is difficult to speculate, but East London must certainly hold the record as being the oldest radio club in South Africa, here follows the report.

"East London and District Amateur Radio Society.

Report for the year, 1922.

The Annual General Meeting of the above Society took place at. Cuthbert's Buildings at 8pm. on the 15th January 1923.
The President. Mr. Card, presided and read the Annual report, which was as follows:-

Gentlemen, I have the honour of submitting to you my Annual Report, recording the work of the Society for the year 1922. The Society having been in existence but five months, I am slightly erroneous in terming this an Annual report, but the Society have decided to commence the New Year's work with the new Calendar Year. At the same time, this gives us an opportunity to ascertain the true position of the Society's affairs financially and otherwise.

The following is a brief record of the Society's work during its existence of five months: The Society was founded by four members in August last. We now number (30), 18 of whom hold experimental station licences. This increase and activity is very gratifying. During the five months the following gentlemen lectured, as undermentioned. They are to be most highly commended for their painstaking and patient explanation of every detail. The members found the lectures most helpful, and congratulated the lecturers upon their excellent work on behalf of the Society.

Mr. H.H. Battye, electricity and Magnetism. Mr. P.E. Card, elementary principles of wireless telegraphy. Mr. E.P. Havernick, experimental station design. Mr. P.E. Card, condensers and inductances. Mr. Battye, telephones and condensers. Mr. E.P. Havernick, elementary theory of the 5 electrode thermionic valve. Mr. P.E. Card, essentials of a Crystal receiver. Mr. W.H. Battye, The Wavemeter. Mr. E.P. Havernick, Wireless minus aerial. Mr. P.E. Card, description of V.N.O. Mr. .W.H. Battye, reaction.

The Treasurer then presented his financial statement, which was readily adopted as highly satisfactory.

The following gentlemen were duly elected as office bearers for the ensuing year: President. Mr. P.E. Card; vice President Mr. W.H. Battye; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer Mr. E.P. Havernick; Committee, Mess. J.E. Avery, P.A. Barraud, J.E. Carrington, H.A. Colon, and A.M. Newman.

The photo below is thought to be the AGM Photo.

Click here for a full size pic.
Back Row: H.D. Devine, G. Howard, A. Jabobson, B. Segall
Middle Row: V. N. Wiggil, G. E. Bell, J. G. E. Carrington, A. Starkey, P. A. Barraud
Front Row: C. Harris, G. H. A Lewis, W. H. Battye, P. E. Card, E. P. Havernick, H. E. 
Colon, A.M. Newman

Thanks to Colin ZS2CR for this extract from an August 1964 Feedback magazine.

                                EAST LONDON WIRELESS SOCIETY - 1923

"As mentioned in this publication last month a photograph was presented to the Branch of members of this now defunct society. It has been shown to several old-timers and some interesting facts have been brought to light.

Their Headquarters building was situated behind a shop in Argyle Street belonging to 
OM C. Harris (left front in photograph). This shop was next to Ronaldson's Cycle Works, 
The site is now occupied by Messrs, Werner Brothers and the old building has disappeared.

People we have been able to trace so far who appear in the photograph are:-- 

OM Percy E. Card, President, now, Living in retirement at Vincent.
OM Eddie Havernick now ZS1DH of Pinelands Cape, and still, very active.
The late A.Y. Newman father of Mr. N.E.M Newman a well Known business figure in this city.
OM A, Starkey recently retired as inspector, E.L.M. Electricity Dept. and living in East London.
Late OM B. Segall Brother of Dr. Segall practicing in East London.
OM H.E. Colon retired and living in East London.

Any further information concerning these old-timers and activities of the Society will he much appreciated.

If you know anything about anyone in the photo or about the "East London District Radio Society"
Please contact me @ zs2cli@qwest.co.za This Photo was taken in 1923.
It would be great to learn more about the history of our club.
Click on the photo to download a full size picture.

The "SARL East London Branch" stand at the Border Agricultural Show 1948.

Reports are stiff coming in of the
excellent manner in which 2AA Iris
ran her "shack" at the Border Agri-
cultural Show. Assisted in no small
measure by 2AV, 2EJ and 2AX, the
gang did much to put Amateur
Radio on the map as far as the
country area is concerned. It is
still too early to judge the results,
but we have no doubt that the
interest shown in the "shack" will
bear fruit in the very near future.
Meetings are now held twice
monthly at the Technical College.
Attendances are very satisfactory
not only at the lecture evenings but
at the business evenings as well,
when branch matters are discussed." 

Radio ZS May 1948


Phil, ZS2NP back in 1973.
( Photo from the September 1973 issue of Radio ZS )

This photo has no dates but some of the people in the photo are:
Bottom left: Jack Drayton ZS2CI and Top right: F. B. Burrel

Committee of the East London Branch of the SARL

The Photo was taken around 1980 at the QTH of the Chairperson,
OM Charles Scott, ZS2CL in Vincent, East London.

Seated, starting from the left you see:
ZS2CO - Gordon Glasgow, ZS2VA – Les Barker, ZS2CL – Charles Scott (Our Chairperson, better known as Scotty), ZS2CR – Bernard Cowan.

Standing, from the left:
ZS2RE – Ray Mitchley, ZS2BC – Karl Heinz Buhmann, ZS2BM – Hennie Fourie,
ZS2BD – Late Heinz Buggert and ZS2D – Peter Dietrich.

Where are they now?

Gordon, ZS2CO and Karl Heinz, ZS2BC, remained in East London.
Scotty, ZS2CL and Peter, ZS2D became silent keys.
Hennie, ZS2BM was last heard of in Prieska.
Ray, ZS2RE moved to Port Elizabeth and on to Newcastle in KZN.
Les, ZS2VA is in Knysna.
Bernard, ZS2CR emigrated to Australia.
Late Heinz, ZS2BD moved to Grahamstown where he married and changed his surname to Jasson. He then went to Cape Town and his call sign became ZS1HJ. Heinz returned to East London in December 2003.
OM Hans, ZS2JH, e-mailed the photo to me, many thanks to Hans.

73 de ZS1HJ

Photos from the Archives of Phil ZS2NP

Phil ZS2NP and Errol ZS2NN

ZS1BF Willie doing HQ Bull from ZS2NP

Jack Twine Award to Windy ZS2CK 1966

Ye Olde Ham Shack

Ye Olde Ham Shack - Interior