Club Bulletins

The Border Radio Club, broadcasts a bulletin every Sunday morning at 07:45 SAST (05:45 GMT)
Our Bulletins are broadcast on the following frequencies:
  1. The East London Town repeater on 145.650 MHz
  2. The East Cape linked repeaters system.
  3. In the 40m band on 7074 kHz
  4. In the 80m band on 3615 kHz
  5. The is also an FM relay on 80m most Sundays. ( 3660 kHz )
    No call in's will be taken on this relay frequency, but your reception reports would be greatly appreciated.  Please e-mail reports to 

If you have any new items or information for this bulletin please e-mail to  This news will reach the newsreaders who will include the item in their next bulletin.