- AGM 2002 -

The annual sitting of the "Government" of the Border Radio Club.
Left to right: Heather Holmes, Jackie Hundling, Marion Whiting, Val Wood and Aloma Basson


While the Government meets there are more 
important things to take care of...

Left to right: Neil ZS2AI, Ivan ZR2LN, Henry ZS2AHL, Late Trevor ZS2BV and Bruce ZS2CBW

The business of "Braaing"
Left to right: Chris ZS2CH, ( Late ) Len ZR2LEN, Neil ZS2AI, Jess ZS6YOT, ( Late ) Henry ZS2AHL and  Late Trevor ZS2BV

Intense discussion...
Left to right: Late Gerry ZS2JL, Ivan ZR2LN, Jess ZS6YOT and Andy ZR2ACJ

Chow time...
Jim ZS2JM and Sandy

Catching up on old times...
Late Hans ZS2JH and ( Late ) Ken ZS2KW

Late Trevor ZS2BV

"The old man on the hill"
Late Gerry ZS2JL

We all took cover from the wind in Ken's garage...
Good meeting place.

Left to right: Late Pat Lemke, Gerald ZR2GB, Heather ZS6YE and Jess ZS6YOT, 
the outgoing chairman, Richard ZS2CLI

Thanks to Ivan ZR2LN  and Chris ZS2CH for these wonderful photos.