- AGM 2002 -

The annual sitting of the "Government" of the Border Radio Club.
Left to right: Heather Holmes, Jackie Hundling, Marion Whiting, Val Wood and Aloma Basson


While the Government meets there are more 
important things to take care of...

Left to right: Neil ZS2AI, Ivan ZR2LN, Henry ZS2AHL, Late Trevor ZS2BV and Bruce ZS2CBW

The business of "Braaing"
Left to right: Chris ZS2CH, Len ZR2LEN, Neil ZS2AI, Jess ZS6YOT, Henry ZS2AHL and  Late Trevor ZS2BV

Intense discussion...
Left to right: Late Gerry ZS2JL, Ivan ZR2LN, Jess ZS6YOT and Andy ZR2ACJ

Chow time...
Jim ZS2JM and Sandy

Catching up on old times...
Late Hans ZS2JH and Ken ZS2KW

Late Trevor ZS2BV

"The old man on the hill"
Late Gerry ZS2JL

We all took cover from the wind in Ken's garage...
Good meeting place.

Left to right: Late Pat Lemke, Gerald ZR2GB, Heather ZS6YE and Jess ZS6YOT, 
the outgoing chairman, Richard ZS2CLI

Thanks to Ivan ZR2LN  and Chris ZS2CH for these wonderful photos.