- AGM 2000 -

The chairman, Richard Seddon ZR2CLI, and secretary ( Late ) Ken ZS2ACB -  ZS2KW
Conducting the business of the meeting.


The Awards ceremony. Neil Holmes ZS2AI receives his
certificate from his wife, Heather.


One of our Honorary Life Members,
Late Gerry Tynan-Blundan ZS2JL


Front: Brian ZR2AC -  Late Andrew ZS2OM - Shirley ZR2SD - Amy Dove
Back: Matt ZS2MW


Braaing is serious business...
Front to back: Trevor ZS2BV - Neil ZS2AI
 ( Late ) Ken ZS2ACB - ZS2KW - Late Ralph ZS2IV - Richard ZR2CLI

Andy Swanepoel
Just passed his RAE

Late Andrew ZS2OM
Our very capable Blind opperator.

Jim ZS2JM and his XYL, Sandy